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Development Path

In the course of 20 years of development, Guangzhou HEFS Food Co., LTD. has successively established Guangzhou Fruit Deep Processing Production Base, Hainan Coconut Fruit Deep Processing Production Base, Hunan Fruit Deep Processing Production Base, Suzhou Deep Processing Production Base, Guangzhou Powder Round Processing Base, Guangzhou Coconut Fruit deep processing production base


Established Thumb Factory; solid beverage, tea, coconut, fruit juice production lines were put into production one after another; Thumb, Donghui, and Wei Zhuangyuan brands were born one after another; more than 500 5S stores were established to serve the national market.

Invested in the establishment of the industry's first coconut research and production base, and jointly established a coconut research and development center with the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.



Establish the Yongzhou Thumb Fruit and Vegetable Processing Base, and cooperate with the enterprise and farmers alliance to control the quality of the products from the source.

The introduction of international advanced production equipment, and the formation of a new team in 2015, formally established Guangzhou HEFS Food Co., LTD. Established Guangzhou Fenyuan processing base, Suzhou deep processing production base; composite fruit juice and coarse grain products online, product coverage in multiple channels.


2016-To date

Passed ISO22000 food safety system, HACCP certification; established Guangzhou fruit deep processing, Guangzhou coconut research and development production base; lactic acid bacteria, high-end fruit juice and jam production lines have been put into production and formed strategic partnerships with many well-known tea and beverage chain brands.

Guangzhou HEFS Food Co.,LTD.


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