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College Introduction

College Introduction

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HEFSTea Academy

HEFSTea Academy Beginning in 1998, with the growth of Guangzhou Hao En Fengshi Food Co., Ltd., with the opportunity of grasping the opportunity of new tea drinking as a new way of life for the younger generation of consumer groups, through the school concept of "knowledge and action", it will create a world for China The world-renowned new style tea school.

The college set a goal in 2018: to become a world-renowned new-style tea drinking college within ten years. Since its establishment, the college has been committed to "training a group of tea drinking talents with business theory and innovative research and development spirit for China and the world", and is committed to building a new Chinese tea drinking college by expanding horizons, upgrading thinking, and shaping the pattern. Actively promote and lead the trend of new Chinese tea in the world.

By attracting a group of well-known scholars and professors to give lectures and seminars, and at the same time integrate tea drinking top brand resources to teach research and development, the HEFS Tea Drinks Academy has created a large number of tea drinking talents with commercial theories and innovative research and development spirit for the tea industry. And provide new thinking, new vision and new countermeasures for the Chinese new style tea to go to the world.

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