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Founded in 1998, Guangzhou HEFS Food Co., LTD. is located in Wenquan Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou. It has a modern fruit deep processing industrial park of 50,000 square meters, equipped with fully automated production lines and professional food inspection laboratories. It is a large-scale domestic focus on An enterprise engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing and promotion of fruit drinks, is committed to building a century-old enterprise brand, allowing Chinese brands and Chinese manufacturing to go abroad and shine in the world!

In the course of 20 years of development, Guangzhou HEFS Food Co., LTD. has successively established Guangzhou Fruit Deep Processing Production Base, Hainan Coconut Fruit Deep Processing Production Base, Hunan Fruit Deep Processing Production Base, Suzhou Deep Processing Production Base, Guangzhou Fenyuan Processing Base, Guangzhou Coconut Fruit deep processing production base.


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China's trendy tea drinking vane millions of doors] new guide to store drinks

Seasonal Star Selection

Season star selection, for you, launch a new inspiration
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Fruit Tea Series

This season, the best tea and fruit
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Milk Tea Series

Full-bodied, delicate and smooth
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Lactic Acid Bacteria Series

The fusion of sour and sweet, the complementation of freshness and gentleness
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Ba Ning Series

Bitterness and sweetness, the sourness of lemon is retained in the mouth
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Soda Bubble Series

Fresh taste, delicate bubbles
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Hot drink series

Order a cup, warm hearty drink in autumn and winter
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Why Choose Us

5-star tea raw material manufacturer, 22 years of professional fruit juice jam leader

Core production base

Core Production Base

Guangzhou Fruit Deep Processing Production Base, Hainan Coconut Fruit Deep Processing Production Base, Hunan Thumb Fruit and Vegetable Processing Base, Suzhou Deep Processing Production Base, Guangzhou Fenyuan Processing Base

Advanced technology

Advanced Technology

Advanced fully automated production lines, equipped with professional food inspection laboratories and fully functional R&D centers, and introducing domestic senior R&D technical teams

Complete qualifications

Complete Qualifications

Won the national high-tech enterprise qualification, passed the international food safety system ISO22000, HACCP certification, obtained 8 utility model patents for its own equipment, 3 national invention patents, and obtained the food enterprise qualification for export to Europe and America

Quality marketing service

Quality marketing service

Product sales channels cover all provinces, cities, and prefecture-level cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China, 3 Southeast Asian countries and other overseas markets; professional beverage R&D team and sales service team provide 5-star beverages and after-sales service


Education and Training | 1998 HEFS Tea Academy, learn more about tea culture and beverage services

Guangzhou HEFS Food Co.,LTD.


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